Derya Deniz Soydur

Operations Manager

Ankara Office

Derya Deniz Soydur joined the ODS Consulting Group in November 2014, and responsible for directing, executing applications and conducting process follow-ups for grant incentive applications of companies working within the scope of grant and inducement programs within the institution. She had the chance to gain experience in various departments and specialties in her professional business life. Derya Deniz Soydur also worked in institutions and companies serving in various sectors, started her career with "Black Customer Representative" at the AVEA call center and provided services for deputies, ministers and leading businessmen of the country for private and corporate lines. She continued her career at TRT General Directorate, Broadcast Archive Department, in the field of TV series and program broadcast controls, performing sales processes to other TV channels and following the after-sales process, and had the opportunity to manage her team. As an ‘Operations Manager’ within the ODS Consulting Group, she continues her professional business life in charge of managing the operations department for all service items.

Areas of expertise:

Grants and Inducements - Operation

Education and Qualifications:

Selcuk University - Marketing and Sales (Associate Degree)
Selcuk University - Business Administration (Undergraduate)