Levent Galip Yeşil

Corporate Development Manager

Ankara Office

Levent Galip Yesil started his professional career as a Sales Representative at Coca-Cola Beverage and joined ODS Consulting Group as a Corporate Development Manager in 2016. While continuing his career, he worked as a Sales Manager and Training Specialist in the same company. Levent Galip Yeşil, who also had the opportunity to work in the health sector, served as the Training and Business Development Manager there. He also took an active role in the establishment and structuring of the Hospital Corporate Marketing and Promotion Activities Department, as well as the Night Manager. He founded the "Palet Education Academy" in 2012 and worked as a Training Manager in Koru Health and Education Institutions in 2015. Levent Galip Yeşil wrote the book "Green Wave" for social awareness, development and motivation. He was a speaker at the TEDX Eskisaray Conference in 2017. While continuing his distance education studies as an instructor within OTUSEM at Ostim Technical University, Levent Galip Yeşil communicated with more than 70,000 people in total for awareness and training purposes, he has served more than 200 companies and institutions in the public and private sectors. He still continues his duty in ODS Consulting Group.

Areas of expertise:

Training and Development, Corporate and Managerial Development, Communication, Sales, Career Medicine, Personal Development, Business and System Development, Performance Management System, Strategy Development

Education and Qualifications:

Ankara University - Geological Engineering