Mehmet Aksürmeli

Marketing Director (CMO), International Business Development Manager

Ankara Office

Continuing his career as a CMO in ODS Consulting Group, Mehmet Aksürmeli started his career in ODS Consulting Group in 2018 as Head of Business Development Consulting. Mehmet Aksürmeli had the opportunity to work in various fields; He has many experiences such as international business development, making business plans and analysis, managing corporate image, establishing new business idea organizations, coordinating and developing communications with internal and external main stakeholders, and conducting international competitor analysis.

Areas of expertise:

International Business Development, International Trade, Competitive Intelligence, Market Research, Marketing

Education and Qualifications:

METU - Business Administration
METU - Sociology (Master's)
Humboldt University - Berlin (Master's)
METU - Sociology (PhD Candidate)