Nihan Çam

Recruitment and Talent Management Manager

Ankara Office

Nihan Çam, who manages the recruitment processes within the ODS Consulting Group, is responsible for the follow-up of open positions within the institution, the realization of in-house recruitment and the execution of candidate orientation and job placement processes for companies that ODS provide recruitment consultancy services. After working as a human resources professional in Ankara's leading health institutions for many years, Nihan Çam, who turned to the consultancy sector, provided support to the identification and recruitment of experts and consultants who took part in projects funded by international organizations, especially the EU and the United Nations. She continues her developmental studies in these areas with the trainings she received on advanced coaching skills, career coaching, interview coaching, biometric face reading and profile identification.

Areas of expertise:

Recruitment, talent management, human resources, biometric face reading and profile identification, career coaching, advanced coaching skills

Education and Qualifications:

Ankara University- Labor Economics and Industrial Relations
Trakya University- Labor Economics and Industrial Relations (Master's Degree)