Okan Seçkin

Co-Founder & Board Member

Ankara Office

Continuing his career as the Co-Founder & Board Member of ODS Consulting Group, Okan Seçkin formed the foundations of ODS Consulting with Onur Seçkin in 2008. He gained experience in various areas of expertise during his career. Okan Seçkin has experience in all procedures of EU-funded Programmes and Projects. He is an economist who has prepared, implemented and managed numerous projects, tenders, tender proposals, reporting. He also assists management of companies in preparing business plans and strategy development for SMEs to cope with the market-driven economy. Okan Seçkin, who leads the research and evaluation processes of various companies & markets that can be invested, plays an active role in the global growth strategy of ODS Consulting Group and the determination of companies of which it is an angel investor.

Areas of expertise:

Sales and Marketing Management, International Trade, Project Design and Management, Strategic Planning, SME Consultant, Investment Management

Education and Qualifications:

Hacettepe University- Department of Philosophy
Atılım University- European Union (MBA Degree)
Ankara University- European Union and International Economic Relations (Doctorate ongoing)