ODS Consulting Group, which was established in 2008 under the name of ODS Consultancy to meet the professional perspective that businesses need in areas such as grant incentive programs, project writing and project management, has renewed its service network, strengthened its staff, and signed new start-ups with investments in different field and by 2020 it has gathered all these activities under the name of ODS Consulting Group.


Because since the day we were founded, we have combined all the experience we have gained through hundreds of businesses with our new service areas and our quality policy in those areas.We provide consultancy services for you in many fields from project writing to project management, international business development and export to engineering and technology consultancy, corporate development, recruitment and talent management, Turquality, supply chain and purchasing, and we continue our services in line with evolving and changing world trends. Day by day we add different and innovative perspectives to our services.

With the pride of having worked with more than 2000 enterprises up to now, with over 70% success rate we have achieved in thousands of projects we have written and with our qualified team of over 100 people, we are getting more and more experienced every day, and with our experience we are looking for ways to provide you higher quality services.

Because our job is your power.