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We accelerate your employment process by reaching the right candidate as soon as possible, and undertake all candidate screening and interview processes to close the position as soon as possible. We save both time and cost for your business. With the role of "solution partner" and "consultant" we undertake, we produce end-to-end solutions in your recruitment processes.

Our Recruitment and Talent Management Method!

The requirements of the position and the organizational structure are analyzed by making a detailed interview with the company.

The firm's expectations from the position and the position criteria are revealed. In the process of searching for the most suitable candidate, recruitment consultants delve into different industries and job requirements.

ODS candidate pool, online and university career portals are used in the candidate screening process.

After the candidate screening process, an interview is planned. Different interview techniques are applied to reveal the strengths and professional competencies of the candidates.

Measurement and evaluation tests such as biometric face reading and profile identification, behavioral style test, reasoning test, English test and technical test are applied according to the position.

What is the Smartmatch Technique Used for the First Time in Turkey?

With the "Smartmatch" method, which we developed in the digitalized recruitment processes, we share highly accurate predictable character analyzes about each candidate with our companies without providing face-to-face interviews. While minimizing the risk for our companies, we also save the time of face-to-face meetings.

What are the Other Techniques We Use?

"There is no wrong candidate, there is a wrong match." With our principle, we use the following techniques in order for our companies to reach the most suitable candidate they need in the fastest time.


To match the team with the most suitable candidate, various analyses with 4 different character traits are made to the team and the managers, and these analyses are evaluated from a 360° perspective.


Character analysis is done on the screen. Biometric face reading and profile identification system are used in candidate selection.


Candidates' analytical perspective and awareness levels are evaluated and reported.


The individual behavior styles of the candidates are evaluated and reported.

Our Roadmap!

A "long list" of positive candidates is prepared.

The reports of "star" candidates who meet the requirements of the position are shared with the company.

Planning and follow-up of technical interviews with the company.

The evaluation result of the company is shared.

Negative candidates are informed by phone/mail.

The process of making an offer to the positive candidate begins.

NOTE: In the event that the placed candidate is dismissed or leaves within 2 months, our ODS RTM team will once again serve the same position free of charge.

The Costs of an Average Recruitment Process to Institutions

Candidate screening -
40 hours

Phone Interviews -
35 hours

Candidate Interviews -
minimum 75 hours



Recruitment & Talent
Management Manager

"According to the researches, the cost of placing the wrong candidate in a job was determined as at least 8 months.
Do you really have that much time?

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